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Ezy Life with Clean Environment

A comfortable environment will bring to you and your beloved a healthy lifestyle. A convenient way to keep your living fresh:  

BIOzone™ Ceramic Stone with Silicon Tube

BIOzone Food Purifier uses grade A fine ceramic stone and 100% medical grade silicon tube to channel the ozone for purification process.
05002A package contains a ceramic stone and a silicon tube with 1 meter length.

BIOzone™ Silicon Tube

BIOzone Food Purifier uses 100% medical grade silicon tube to channel the ozone for purification process.
05002B package contains a silicon tube, which the length is 2 meter for longer distance channel.

Bio Aura Shower Filter Cartridge

Filtration media:
1.Remove Chlorine Ball
Removes chlorine, rust, heavy metals and others contaminants from shower
Strong deodorization action

2.KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion)
Reduces contaminants in water using oxidation reaction
Removes microorganisms, water soluble heavy metals, bacteria, algae and fungus

3.Super Ceramic Ball
Deodorization action, improves water taste

Suggestion: Bio Aura Shower Filter Cartridge is to be replaced every once a year.

BIOzone Food Purifier

BIOzone Food Purifier uses a proprietary process integrating ozone-resistant materials to convert oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3). Ozone that eliminates contaminants will be converted back into oxygen. BIOzone Food Purifier is effective to:
  • Eliminate water-soluble toxin, fat-soluble toxin and bacteria in the food
  • Preserve the freshness of food
  • Remove odor of household items
Product features
• 100% medical grade silicon tubing • High grade ceramic stone • Portable • Safe • Minimum maintenance

Benefits of BIOzone Process
• Safe • Consistent • Effective • Nutrient retention

Direction of use: Put the food that need to be purified into a bowl of water. Make sure the water level is higher than the food. Insert the medical grade silicon tube into the water and press the timer accordingly.

Bio Aura Hi-Tech Water System

Complete Solution for Your Needs
Bio Aura Hi-Tech Water System combines the scientific innovation inside it.
With Nano, the water system cleans, alkalize and provide energy to the drinking water.

Special characteristic of Bio Aura:
  • Simple modeling, convenient for demolition and installation
  • Easy installation
  • Filter cover with different color
  • Bigger filter
  • Recognized quality
  • Applicable for use in: house, office, factory and food store

Effectiveness of Nano in Bio Aura Hi-Tech Water System:

  • Effective water filtration system, increases oxygen content of water, provides better absorption of nutrients
  • Rich in mineral and nutrients, helps to maintain slightly alkaline human body
  • Stimulates metabolism and promotes blood circulation
  • Maintain smooth and beautiful skin and the freshness of food.
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Bio Aura Shower Filter

Experience the Refreshing
Key features:
  • DIY, easy to install system with optional accessories
  • Compact in size, handy to carry when necessity
  • Easy cartridge replacement
  • Easy to backwash by operating in either direction as reverse to ensure balance filtration
  • Fits all shower heads and heater units


  • Effectively removes chlorine, heavy metals and sediments from the tap
  • Provides safe and clean showering water
  • Provides balanced water pH
  • Enhances softer hair and healthy skin

Eziclean Multipurpose Cleaner

Special formulation from U.S.A, contains no hash solvents and is a biodegradable product.
It cleans kitchen utensils, household appliances, electrical items, mirror, glasses and jewellery.
BIOzone Car Sterilizer

BIOzone Car Sterilizer applies its proprietary technology including cold plasma that combines ozonization and plasma ion generation to convert oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3), which eliminates contaminants and converts back into oxygen. BIOzone Car Sterilizer:
  • Eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOCs), tobacco smell, pets and automobile odours
  • Disinfects biological contaminants (bacteria)
  • Purify and refresh the air in the car cabin
Benefits of BIOzone Car Sterilizer:
• Safe • Light-weight • Easy-to-use • Environmental friendly • No maintenance required

Direction of use: Insert BIOzone Car Sterilizer into the cigarette lighter socket. The unit is switched on (indicated with glowing LED). Switch on air conditioner to allow effective air purification.
Eziclean Car Wash & Wax

With 2 in 1 function of car wash and wax, clean away dirt and grime effectively without stripping the wax.
It protects modern clear coat and metallic finishes paint surfaces, and leaves a spotless lasting shine.

Hai-O 33 H2O Insecticide Aerosol

It is a water-based aerosol specially formulated to kill mosquitoes.
To use the aerosol in a room, ensure that doors and windows are closed and with the lights on. It is required to shake before spraying Hai-O 33 H2O facing upwards in the air and at all corner areas for 3-5 seconds per spray. Leave the room for at least 5-10 minutes before reentry.

Eziclean Concentrated Dishwash

Specially formulated to enable easy rinsing, highly concentrated and thus economic in use, cleans oily dishes effectively and gentle to hands.

Eziclean Toilet & Floor Cleaner 

U.S.A formula and concentrated for extra economy. It kills germs and bacteria, safe to be used and leaves a refreshing sanitary fragrance after use.

Eziclean Concentrated Laundry Compound (Refill Pack)

Concentrated and low suds. Eziclean Concentrated Laundry Compound contains optical brighteners, rust inhibitor and anti-redepositing agent.
It contains no caustic soda and is biodegradable.

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